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INFO:  This supra is a Tamiya kit.  The interior and exterior are both fantastic.  But the best thing about this kit is that it also includes a detailed engine bay! This kit is detailed enough to be built straight from the box but I decided to add a little extra detail just to touch it up a bit.

MODIFICATIONS:   -Carbon fiber dash board and instrument panel

                                   -Carbon fiber hood

                                   -Ram air hood

                                   -Evo spoiler

                                   -Custom Exhaust tip


      This Tamiya kit is probably one of my favourites. The shell was painted with Tamiya silver and the hood was carbon fibered by using SCALE MOTORSPORTS carbon fiber decals.  The Supra rear spoiler was replaced with an Mitsubishi Evo spoiler instead.  I also created a ram air hood for the Supra by using plastic card and putty.  A custom Exhaust tip was also added.

Front End of the Supra

Angled shot of the Supra

Side shot of the Supra

In this shot, the carbon fiber could be seen on the hood

Shot of the Supra engine bay

Aerial view of the engine bay

Side shot of the Supra

Rear end shot of the supra, Notice the custom exhaust

Rear end shot of the Surpa, notice the evo spoiler


I added the rubber ring around the supras headlight.  I forgot to add it earlier so I decided to add it.